Our family operated business has its origins in Rome, Italy where in 1902 Torido Castagna established the first Castagna Steel Co. It was then re-established here in Melbourne Australia by his son Vic Castagna who set up a small factory nestled amongst the weatherboard houses of Nicholson St, East Brunswick, in 1966, back then, the company’s shingle was just a rusting gantry with the words V.A.Castagna Steel hand-painted on it. The works shared the rear with a joinery and at the front there was a baker and a dry-cleaner, all in a space the size of a normal garage.

A year after moving to the site we were building power pylons for the Tasmanian Electricity Commission, enormous structures each rising more than nine meters high from backyard suburbia & the steel frames for wooden seats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Now, nearly all of our companys business comes from residential, warehouse and factory constructions.

While Mr. Vic Castagna retired back in 1988 the company is now run by his son Mr. Carlos Castagna and long time business partner Mr. Angelo Telefono continuing and improving on knowledge passed down through generations from fathers to sons.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done well in as little time as possible and will continue to build on our reputation of honest, prompt & willing service to our cliental.